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EQUIPMENT: D’Amico drums, Vater sticks, Remo heads, Pearl pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Sabian cymbals, LP Percussion.

NICKNAMES: Bra, Animal, Great White Ninja, Great White Nanny, Great White Virgin, Dingwa, RD, Dick.

PERSONAL HISTORY: Richard was born on November 13, 1975 in Fremont, CA. He began playing the drums at age ten. At American High School in Fremont, CA, Richard was a member of the marching, jazz, pep, and symphonic bands. He attended LaHonda Music Camp, was voted American HS’s Most Improved Musician in 1994, and won the highest rating in Command Performance in the 1994 CMEA Festival. That year, Richard also co-wrote “Dream Jungle” with classmate Jason Crabb, which they performed at the high school’s Senior Talent Show. Richard was in All-City and All-State Festivals, and Community College Wind Symphony at Ohlone Community College. Before the Green Room, Richard was a member of bands Waking Room (Hayward, CA) and Peach Doll (Holland, MI).

FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS: Led Zeppelin, Jane’s Addiction, Primus, Igor Stravinski, Dave Matthews Band, Korn, Front 242, 311, Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Harry Belafonte, Royal Crown Review, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Schpayla.


FAVORITE ALBUMS: Ritual De Lo Habitual, Jane’s Addiction; Shepherd Moons, Enya; Sailing Seas of Cheese, Primus; Led Zeppelin Box Set.

FAVORITE SONGS: “Three Days”, Jane’s Addiction; “Bonzo’s Montreaux”, Led Zeppelin; “Ornacle Flow”, Enya; “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver”, Primus; “Shot Liver Medley”, Korn; “Jump Down Spin Around”, Harry Belafonte; “Face to Face”, Siouxsie and the Banshees; “Volkswagen Girl”, Schpayla

FAVORITE MUSICAL MOMENT: “I was first inspired by Jane’s Addiction in 1991, only to find out that I had missed the last performance of their final tour. I got to see them on their reunion tour in 1997, and caught the show in SF 11/15/97. They performed a regular set, took a three minute break, and appeared on a stage that was located in the middle of the crowd. They were about five feet from me, and I got to see my idol, drummer/percussionist Stephen Perkins, go off on a tribal solo right in front of me.”

FAVORITE PASTIMES: Watching movies, drinking Pepsi, cleaning the house

FAVORITE MOVIES: Dark City, Popeye, Nightmare Before Christmas, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

FAVORITE BOOKS: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley; Les Miserables, Victor Hugo; Animal Farm, George Orwell.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT DURING A PERFORMANCE: “In April of 1999, we played at J.J. Finnegan’s, a bar in Holland, and we were fooling around with the song ‘Wipeout.’ As hard as it may be to believe that a drummer had never played ‘Wipeout’, I had never played the song in my life. It came to the point where there is a drum solo, and I began to do the solo in time with everyone still playing their parts. I remember looking around and seeing people begin to leave their seats to see who was drumming, and if all that racket could be coming from just one drummer. I finished to a standing ovation.”


FUN FACTS: Richard was born in Fremont, California, and lived in CA until moving to Holland in 1995.
His older brother started calling him “Animal” after the Muppet character when he was little; playing the drums naturally followed.

Richard is fanatical about Pepsi.


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