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Cory VanRhee -Piano, Keyboards, Melodica
Equipment: “Pianos, melodica, and keyboard.”

Nicknames: The Rock, C-Rock

Personal History: Cory was born on October 25, 1977 in Holland, Michigan. He began playing the piano in first grade. Cory was a member of the jazz band at West Ottawa High School in Holland. He also played piano in “Praise of Grace,” a church musical group at Grace Reformed Church in Holland. Cory graduated from West Ottawa High School in 1995 and attends Michigan State University.

Equipment: “Pianos and keyboard.”

Favorite Bands/Artists: Dave Matthews Band, Easy E

Currently Listening to: Reel Big Fish

Favorite Songs/Musical Moments: “Playing hoops with Eddie Vedder.”

Favorite words: “Stale,” “Word,” and “See-ya.”

Favorite Movies: GoodFellas

Favorite Books: “I hate to read.”

Band you probably should have been in: Bob Marley and the Wailers

Fun Facts: Cory was voted “Most Gullible” in high school mock elections, but people liked him... he was also Prince of the Christmas Dance his senior year. Cory is in his final year as a Parks and Recreation major at Michigan State University. In his first four years at MSU he served as manager for the men’s basketball team.


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 upcoming shows...


     July 26 - Curragh

     July 29 - Wally's